Improv Shows

We have performed, produced and directed hundreds of improv comedy shows over the years, at The Calgary Improv Festival and at many other venues and festivals throughout the years. We’re currently producing a number of improv shows and you'll want to be sure not to miss out on any of them.

Improv Terminator (2017)

Merging improvisation with the time travelling story. A bit of tech, a little gore and a lot of laughs. Promises to be a little scary and most entertaining. From the producers of An Improv Macbeth and An Improv Psycho comes the classic 1984 science fiction thriller, An Improv Terminator.


PSYCHO: An Improvisation (2016)

Merging Improvisation with the classic Hitchock movie Psycho featuring an allstar cast will turn horror into fun before your very eyes. Pat Quinn, one of Calgary's finest Improv Actors, John Gilchrist famed actor and CBC food reviewer with Joshua Groen, Samara Emsley and Jessica Lindal making their debut in a format never tried before. Join us for the murders and stay for the fun.

Improv at Century Downs Casino

Improv at Century Downs Casino returns this fall every friday night until the end of march (time off at christmas).
Join us upstairs at the Century Downs Casino on March 18th at 8PM for a fun filled night of improv and laughter. Tickets are only $18.